Coleen’s Ramblings … Will They Relax, Refresh, or Recharge You?

Coleen’s Ramblings give you something to think about. Will you identify with me, vehemently disagree, chuckle, or find the inspiration to do something nice for someone?

Get yourself a mug of relaxing hot cocoa, a tall glass of refreshing iced tea, or a cup of robust coffee to recharge your personal batteries. Take a break and see what's on my mind today.

Maybe you'll identify with something I say and will no longer think you're the only one out there feeling the same way.

Maybe you'll completely disagree and come away with stronger convictions.

Maybe reading these ramblings will inspire you to take the time to do something nice for yourself – or for someone else.

Maybe they'll give you a chuckle.

Here goes....

Happiness Is an Oddity -- Coleen’s Ramblings On Being an Odd (Happy) Couple Happiness is an oddity. Especially marital happiness. So much so that people from friends to co-workers to complete strangers comment on it when they see it.

Procrastinating and the Resulting Guilt Will Steal Your Fun … If You Let It Procrastinating can make us a slave to the things we enjoy. It can steal the fun out of doing things we normally like to do and turn them into dreaded chores. It doesn't have to be this way.

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