How Much is Clutter Costing You?

~ by Vicky White

Clutter is emotional constipation - it clogs up every area of your life and stops the energy flowing. It stops you living the life you are here to live.

If money is not flowing as well as it might, this is how clutter could be costing you money:

* Time lost looking for things you cannot find.

* Paying late fees because your bills are disorganized.

* Holding onto something that no longer supports you leaves no space for the new.

* Feeling depressed or overwhelmed because your stuff is stopping you see new opportunities.

* When energy in your home is blocked, your own energy will be too, and it follows that money will also be blocked.

* Holding onto old beliefs about what's possible for you and believing you don't deserve to be prosperous or to make more than your parents did.

* Holding onto things you could sell.

* Needing a bigger and bigger house to keep all your stuff.

* Storage costs if you're one of the many who rents extra space for your 'junk'.

* Having a garage so full of stuff, your valuable car has to sit outside depreciating in the elements.

* Buying another black sweater, bottle of ketchup, or something else because you can't see you already have one.

* The more stuff you have, the more it costs to maintain it, protect it, store it, clean it, keep it from the elements!

"I had to let you know: I did a big de-cluttering in my basement and garage and the week after I did that I got four new clients. I know de-cluttering helped make room for those clients in my business!" -- Lisa Kirshner. ON, Canada

"I wanted to share such interesting news ... I cleared my office armoire yesterday and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing everything, including waxing the desk and adding fresh flowers. I know you must be saying I don't have much of a life.... I left an empty file box, envisioning new clients to fill that space ... anyway, I have just received my 6th call from a new design client ... 6 new clients in 24 hours. One of them is a job in Perth, Australia, decorating a beach side penthouse." -- Nancy Singleton, BC, Canada

Clutter makes you want to run away. You don't feel comfortable in your own home, maybe not even in your own skin. There's no space to breathe. No space for passion or inspiration. No space for you! Clutter is zapping the very life force out of you - in all kinds of ways!

When your environment inspires and nourishes you, it will raise your energy. When your energy flows freely and at a higher vibration, money will flow more abundantly, too.

How much is your clutter costing you?

Is it worth the price you're paying?


Reprinted with permission. ©2010 Vicky White, The Feng Shui and Raw Food Coach. Get Vicky White's free "5 Biggest Attraction Mistakes" report and her free articles to boost your passion, purpose and creativity at Life Design Strategies.


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