Mood Lifters That Take One Minute Or Less That Will Help You Feel Better

Mood lifters that you do in one minute or less can save the day. They’ll zap you out of a funk, fast! Here are 22 things you can you do in one minute that will lift your mood and make you feel better.

What can you do in one minute (or less) that will lift your mood and make you feel better?

1. Laugh. Laughter provides the same benefits as exercise.

2. Pet an animal.

3. Drink a glass of water. For an added kick, add a wedge of lemon or lime to it.

4. Breath deeply.

5. Close your eyes and daydream of happy times.

6. Smell a flower.

7. Clean the toilet. Really. Give it a quick spray with window cleaner, swish with a brush, and flush.

8. Kiss.

9. Put on fresh lipstick.

10. Hug. If no one else is around to hug, hug yourself. Cross your arms over in front of you, grab your shoulders, and squeeze.

11. Yawn.

12. Stretch.

13. Eat a chocolate. It contains anti-oxidants and heart-healthy compounds.

14. Polish a mirror. Then look in it and smile.

15. Brush your hair.

16. Brush your teeth.

17. Massage your shoulders ... or your hands ... or your feet.

18. Step out doors and look at the sky.

19. Think of five things you are thankful for.

20. Pray.

21. Spritz on cologne.

22. Review your To Do list and cross off something you've done.

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