Happiness Is an Oddity -- Coleen’s Ramblings On Being an Odd (Happy) Couple

Happiness is an oddity. Especially marital happiness. So much so that people from friends to co-workers to complete strangers comment on it when they see it.

"You and your wife always look so happy. You're always getting along. Other couples aren't like that. They get along until they get married and then they start fighting right away," a co-worker tells my husband.

"Well, you can sure tell life agrees with you. You look even younger than the last time I saw you. You look genuinely happy," a business associate and friend tells us after not having seen us for a year.

"Sitting side by side, smiling. So happy! How romantic! You must be newlyweds," says the waitress. (We've been married almost 25 years.)

"You guys are just plain and simply happy, aren't you?" says someone we met only moments ago at a campground.

Yes, I'm happy. We're happy.

Sometimes I get the idea that that is wrong. That it doesn't fit with our society. That I should feel guilty. I certainly feel odd about it.

We are a happy couple. We lead a happy life. We are an oddity. What does is say, not only about us, but also about our culture, that both friends and strangers see our happiness and comment on it?

Many people don't know how to be happy. I don't think they know they can be happy.

Happiness is an oddity – but it doesn’t have to be.

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