Beat Procrastination with These Eight Tips to Stress Less and Accomplish More

Procrastination doesn't have to play a big role in your life. Here are eight tips to help you stop procrastinating that will leave you accomplishing more, feeling less stress, and having more fun.

Eight Steps to Get More Done and Feel Less Guilt

1. If you don't absolutely need to get it done, don't put it on your To-Do list. Adding tasks that you don't have to do only makes the list longer and eventually overwhelming. It provides the excuse for doing something other than what you really need to do.

2. Substitute a less daunting task for the one you are thinking of putting off. Make sure it accomplishes the same thing. Instead of writing a letter, can you send a postcard? Instead of making chocolate filled cookies that must be rolled, cut, filled, and folded, how about making a pan of layer bars?

3. Remember that you don't have to do it perfectly.

4. Check e-mail only when you have time to answer new messages.

5. Answer the telephone only when you have time to visit. Screen calls with an answering machine. You will still be able to hear if it is an emergency.

6. If you procrastinate because you don't like doing the task, ask yourself if you are the one who really needs to do it. Maybe another family member could handle it. Or, you could hire someone to do it, or trade jobs with someone.

7. Decide that some things don't have to be done. You don't procrastinate about things that you don't think you need to do. So, free yourself from the headache by making the decision not to do it.

8. Just start it! The most difficult part of many chores is getting started. Once you begin, the task is often easier than you expected. And, when you have completed it, the feeling is terrific. Stop procrastinating and take the first step now.

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