Procrastinating and the Resulting Guilt Will Steal Your Fun … If You Let It

Procrastinating can make us a slave to the things we enjoy. It can steal the fun out of doing things we normally like to do and turn them into dreaded chores. It doesn't have to be this way.

How can you feel good and enjoy life when you have things gnawing on your mind?

I'm convinced it often takes more energy to put things off than it does to do them.

It starts out innocently enough. I'm working at the computer, listening to the radio, and they mention something about food.

Hmmm, you know I am feeling rather hungry. I could go for a snack. I like to bake...maybe something homemade, sweet, spicy, slightly chewy...I can almost taste it.

I think I'll bake something right after I finish this article.

Dear hubby comes in the house and we have coffee and store-bought cookies. In the conversation, I mention that I'm thinking of making some date bars.

He likes that idea. He compliments me on how good a cook I am. I get a warm, contented, appreciated feeling.

I write a couple more articles. Take the dog for a walk. Work on our website. Clean the bathroom. Make supper. And, the day is about gone.

Did I make those bars, hubby expectantly wants to know?

Guilt now replaces that warm, contented feeling. Well, no, I should have, but I didn't. I'll put them on my To-Do list for tomorrow.

It's happened, again. Something I normally like to do is now a "should," another chore on my To-Do list. Instead of doing it when it would have been fun, it got put off. I've allowed procrastination to turn something I enjoy doing into a job I dread.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t have to procrastinate. Neither do you.

Procrastination and the guilt it produces eat away at your insides. You don’t have to let procrastinating turn activities you enjoy into tasks on your To-Do list. You can procrastinate less, accomplish more, and feel better.

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