Quotes that Inspire, Make Us Laugh, Think Twice, or Appreciate What We Have

Quotes... a famous quote, a bible passage, a saying passed down through generations, quotations from speeches, an excerpt from a book, a line from a poem... they relax, refresh, and recharge us.

Religious Christmas Quotes ~ Sharing the Real Meaning of Christmas These religious Christmas quotes show that it only takes a sentence or two to explain the real meaning of Christmas -- the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Christmas Quotations to Warm Your Heart with the Love that is Christmas These Christmas quotations prove that much can be said with very few words. I share them in hopes that they bring you joy, and find you with your heart filled with peace, love and blessings.

Christmas Quotes Proclaim the Love that is the Spirit of Christmas These Christmas quotes show the spirit of Christmas. Dr. Seuss to Bing Crosby, whatever your style, Christmas means more than gifts in a pile. Celebrate the love of Christmas all year long.

Christmas Fun Quotes - Not the Real Meaning of Christmas, Just Some Silliness Some Christmas fun quotes that might give you a laugh and help make your day a bit brighter. To take away stress, they're a bit of a gaff, meant to make the season seem lighter.

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