Relax at Home with These 5 Strategies to Loosen Up and Unwind

Can you relax at home? Is it a place where you can have fun? Or, do you find that you must go out to have a good time, to loosen up, and to enjoy yourself? Five strategies to help you unwind.

If not, consider making changes to your family routine and your home environment.

Create a bath time for yourself.

Set aside time when you can luxuriate in a tub of hot water. Add aromatic oils, softening salts, or foaming milks to your bath to soften your skin and relax your mind. Enjoy a hot drink or cold beverage while soaking – maybe a gourmet hot cocoa or a fruit seltzer. Read a magazine for no other reason than to enjoy it – or just lay back and let your mind wonder to pleasant thoughts.

Create a peaceful nook.

Find a place to sit and read, write, listen to music, or just daydream. It may be a private area in your bedroom or a corner in the living room. Accessorize it with a cozy Afghan or a small fan. Perhaps add a candle or a dish of potpourri in a favorite scent.

Play games.

When you need to exercise and get rid of pent up energy to relax, play outdoor games with your friends or family. For quiet times, relax at home with board games or word games such as crossword puzzles.

Look around you.

Do you have collections in your home? If so, why? Hopefully, it is because you enjoy those things. Take time to enjoy them. Rearrange the way you display them. Use them. Learn more about them.

Practice your pastime.

Do you garden, quilt, or do scrapbooking? Spend time doing those activities, simply because you want to. If it gets to the point that you "should work" on them, they are no longer pastimes, but chores.

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